A little hidden bistro, definitely European style. We went with friends and started with wine and the cheese tray and charcuterie, served with an endless supply of delicious, crusty bread. Note, they make their own pate and it was very tasty. We could have just done this and been perfectly happy but…

We had looked online before going, a  reminder that that is just an idea of what they serve. This place is run by a husband wife team. He serves and she prepares the food. So, menu choices are going to be what is available and what new recipe she is working on, and what wines will be available. This night she was working on a shrimp and gnocchi special that made you want to lick the bowl. Luckily we had asked for more bread to sop up the garlic sauce. I truly inhaled this meal. One of our party ordered the whole snapper and he was ready to chew on the bones, like ribs, it was so good. The chef, wife, business owner, came out of the kitchen and visited with the tables and we could not wax on enough on the deliciousness of her meals.

Again, to remind you, this is a European style restaurant, nothing fast here. As he turns in the order, she is actually cooking it, so relax, have another glass of wine, enjoy your dinner companions, and enjoy your evening…We were in Charleston for New Years’ looked for a French restaurant and found Annie’s Bistro. It’s only 10 minutes from downtown Charleston. The food is absolutely to die for. We eat at a lot of nice restaurants but I have to say that this is honestly best dinner I’ve had at a restaurant in years! If Annie’s Bistro were a local restaurant I think I’d eat there at least once a week! A husband and wife team own the restaurant and the wife is the chef. She learned from her family in the Loire valley and Boy, did she learn! Everything is excellent! Charleston is loaded with excellent restaurants but if you pass Annie’s up you’ve missed the best!


Bethesda Gazette

Washington Post by Tom Sietsma