Wine List

Sample Wine list and changes weekly, we carry mostly French wine all by the glass and bottle. Served at the proper temperature and we do our very best to keep Bistro prices .

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Vins Blancs

Château Mas Neuf 2011 9/32

Brilliant yellow color. The up-front nose uninhibitedly reveals fresh fruit aromas (yellow peaches) that combine with hints of white flowers. The palate develops a fresh finish.

Le Jade Sauvignon 9/32

These wines are produced at the Cave de Pomerols but the Le Jade offerings represent Mouth filling notes of crisp citrus fruit with a slight herbal green pepper character. A great match with seafood and fish.

House White Wine $6

House white wine with crisp flavours of ripe peaches pale yellow tint and a nice smooth finish.

Vins Rouges

Castelmure La Buvette 2009 $9/32

60 percent Grenache and 40 percent Carignan a beautiful Purple color with intense aromas of strawberry and cassis. Fresh and fruity in the mouth with silky tannins.


Riebeek Cellars pinotage 2011 $9/32

This wine is from the swartland region and it offers optimum red fruit flavours and ripe rounded tannins. Nice flong finish with nice acidity.


Charles Thomas Cotes Du Rhone 2011  $9/32

Clear Ruby Red with overtones of red berry fruits round and supple with a smooth finish; A Great all round red wine and pairs well with meat and light cheese.


Finca Del Castillo Tempranillo 2011 $8/30

Bright ruby. Fresh raspberry and cherry aromas are complicated by black pepper and candied rose. Tightly focused red berry flavors. Nice floral qualities. silky in texture.


Cabernet Sauvignon House Red $6

A very easy to Drink cabernet sauvignon that has ripe tannins and a long finish.